Tigers News · Athletics Update: Sports Season Calendar

The WIAA recently released a 3 season athletic calendar for this school year. Please note that Ephrata is part of the North Central Region for this school year, and will be operating under a different athletic season calendar than the WIAA.

Pending metrics, seasons have been tentatively set as follows:

SEASON 1 – FALL SPORTS (Cross Country, Football, Girls’ Soccer, Volleyball, Fall Cheer, Fall Dance & Drill)

Conditioning Begins:    February 8, 2021
First practice:                 February 22, 2021 (Feb. 16 for football)
First competitions:        February 27, 2021
Season end:                    April 3, 2021
Phase 1 = Cross Country can have competitions; All sports can practice
Phase 2 = Football, Volleyball, and Soccer can have competitions; All sports can practice

SEASON 2 – SPRING SPORTS (Baseball, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Fastpitch Softball, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Unified Soccer (TBD)

Conditioning Begins:    March 22, 2021
First practice:                 April 5, 2021
First competitions:        April 10, 2021
Season end:                     May 15, 2021
Phase 1 = Golf, Tennis, and Track & Field can have competitions; All sports can practice
Phase 2 = Baseball,  Softball, and Soccer can have competitions; All sports can practice
*If Winter Sports are cancelled, spring sports may be extended.

SEASON 3 – WINTER SPORTS (Basketball, Wrestling, Unified Basketball (TBD), Winter Cheer, Winter Dance & Drill) 

Conditioning Begins:    May 10, 2021
First practice :                 May 17, 2021
*First competitions:       May 22, 2021
Season end:                      June 19, 2021
Phase 1 = All sports can practice
Phase 2 = All sports can practice
*Competitions for Basketball and Wrestling have not yet been assigned a “phase” by the Department of Health

The above seasons are subject to change based on the status of COVID-19 and the Department of Health Guidelines at the time. Other guidelines such as spectators at events, sport specifice rules and procedures, schedules, and more are in the process of being discussed and planned by the NC Region athletic directors.

Schedules for fall sports can be found on the “menu tab” of ephratatigers.com.

EHS Athletic Calendar (Click Here)