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As we all know, Ephrata High School education-based athletics and activities are an integral part of the development and enjoyment of our students. EHS is launching a new ASB fundraiser named the “FIGHT ON FUND” for our athletic department, as well as our participating activities and clubs. This is a simple fundraiser asking for donations from alumni, businesses, and community members that is a 100% tax deductible gift for the donor.

The Why:
COVID-19 has limited EHS sports and activities since March of 2020. Our normal revenue generators such as ticket sales to contests/events, season passes, concessions sales, etc. are only available in limited capacity, if at all. As an athletic department, we normally generate around $45,000 in ticket sales, season passes, and ASB card revenue. These funds are used to pay for team uniforms and equipment. Other fundraisers like drama productions, Cabaret, Orange E Carnival, program advertising sales, and more will be limited or non-existent this year.

In addition to these revenue deduction obstacles, House Bill 1660 now requires schools to waive any extracurricular fees, such as ASB card sales, for students living in poverty. Unfortunately schools are not given supplementary funds for the required waivers leaving a major void in our budget.

How can someone donate?
Donations can be made through our website using the links below, or simply by sending a check to the school (333 4th Ave NW, Ephrata, WA 98823). Make checks payable to “EHS ASB,” and put the EHS group name you would like to donate to in the “memo” on the check.

Groups that have signed up to participate in the fundraiser include (click on the group to donate):

Timeline and Goal
The donation campaign begins in March and ends May 24, 2021. The overall goal is to raise at least $50,000 for athletics and activities.

Thank you for your support of Tiger Athletics and Activities!

Questions?  Please contact us at the school:  509-754-5285

Bryan Johnson
EHS Athletic/Activities Director